"If your mind is blind to the possibility, your eyes are blind to the opportunity."

  • True Inspiration

    "Q gave something that wasn't there before and I know it's going to inspire many."

    -Diamond H.

  • Wow!

    "I am supporting all the way from Texas! Black Excellence. Proud to see a black man elevating!"

    -Erica T.

  • You never know

    "You never really know the internal battles people go through.. BE KIND. It just might save a life. THANK YOU, Q!"

    -Shawn B.

  • Easy Read

    "This is truly one of the easiest reads and I read a lot. It's easy, but packed with knowledge, motivation, and inspiration."

    - Stacy M.

  • Reassurance

    "This book reassures me on a lot of things. I needed this at the very moment I received it. Truly eye opening."

    - James R.

  • Mornings

    "This book helps start my mornings off right. I can't thank Q enough."

    - Elisha P.

Meet the Author

Quinton Collins

Quinton Collins is a father to his son, who comes first in his life. Being a father is primarily where he finds his devotion, reason(s), and ambition to do the work he does. He's an author and event planner for his community varying from from men to women to kids. He's someone who gives a voice to the people who feel voiceless and help to those who feel helpless! His general purpose is to create change through accountability while building emotional intelligence.

  • Our Youth is Our Priority

    The FAR is presenting an event for the Young Black Men ages 13-21 in our city to talk about the importance of decision making, the tragedies in the city, and strengthening their mental health! So much can change if and when we address things from the inside. Bring your boys out on August 20th from 3pm-6pm!

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